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Reset. Sistema Festival Fotografia talks about contemporary society. Thanks to the synergies and various opportunities put in place by its 5 proponents, Reset generates a medium and long-term design capable of enhancing and supporting the photographic culture in Italy and activating a network for the diffusion and promotion of Italian photography, even as it emerges, at an international level. The project, winner of the “Strategia Fotografia 2020” call for proposals promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture, can be replicated for a five-year period, during which both the roles and actions of the partners involved and the topics investigated alternate.

The core of the project consists of a national open call organized by the 5 proponents and aimed towards photographers and researchers/curators, who will participate respectively with a photographic work and a critical/essay text that expounds on the theme of urban and human regeneration. The winners will have free access to a session of advanced training and the possibility of starting an active exchange with a European institution or event, with the aim of promoting job opportunities while matching supply and demand.

The call is accompanied by a series of actions hosted by the proponents, which will be open to large sections of the public: a study day that explores the different aspects of the theme and inserts the photographic investigation into a broader multidisciplinary reflection, two days of training with the participation of internationally renowned experts, and a final round table discussion to consider the research results with the artistic directors of the proposing Festivals and the representatives of the international partner institutions of the project.

The three main outputs of the project are an exhibition and a catalog that bring together the photographic works and the paper in an unprecedented collective narrative, to be presented on the occasion of the 30th edition of SI Fest. Finally, a digital educational kit will become the main tool for disseminating the project in Italian schools, with the aim of promoting a conscious approach to reading and using images.

Italy, in its great morphological, economic and cultural complexity, is undergoing great changes. Exploitation of the territory, urbanization, and new models of economic development are very complex phenomena already subject to study and analysis.

On the one hand, the current pandemic has substantially accelerated these macro trends, on the other hand, it has introduced new needs, bringing out critical issues that are still difficult to identify precisely, a liquid and complex society requiring extensive study and in-depth analysis.

It is from this need that the Reset. Sistema Festival Fotografia talks about contemporary society and takes the concept of new urban and human regeneration as its object of study. New forms of community aggregation alongside incisive changes brought about by new technologies and concepts of advanced mobility are just some examples that are redefining the very concept of territory and the relationships between citizens.

The analysis of society through contemporary photography requires a great sensitivity to the current situation, a characteristic innate in photography festivals. These events, with deep and significant roots in the territory in which they operate, demonstrate the intrinsic ability to interact with different subjects and institutions. By expanding and enhancing the network of festivals, Reset gives life to a large photographic survey project and creates opportunities for involved photographers to meet industry professionals and establish connections capable of developing and directing one’s career.

Thanks to the diversified skills of partner Festivals, their experience, and their networks both nationally and internationally, Reset intends to support Italian photography and promote it as a tool to investigate important and crucial issues within the historical moment we are experiencing.



March 31, 2021


20-21 May 2021 - FE, Reggio Emilia

The first opportunity for reflection on the subject is planned as part of the opening days for the festival Fotografia Europea. During this day of study, urban and human regeneration will be analyzed side by side urban realities, specifically through dialogue between photographers and curators who deal with these issues as well as urban planners, architects, and authoritative professionals who regularly confront these themes and can therefore help broaden the perspective on the subject.

May 28, 2021


June 5-6, 2021


July 15, 2021 - COTM, Cortona

During the opening days of the Cortona On The Move festival, a session of advanced training is planned where the 4 winners will have free access to international photography professionals in order to open up possibilities for matching supply and demand as well as to promote Italian photography and expand work opportunities.

September 10-12 (inauguration), September 18-19, 25-26 2021 - SI FEST, Savignano sul Rubicone

The selected projects, developed thanks to the support and participation of the Festivals, will then become their own exhibition to be presented during the 30th edition of SI FEST. On that same occasion, the catalog (published by Postcart) will also be presented, having gathered together the photographic projects, the award-winning paper and some of the theoretical reflections arising from the meeting in Reggio Emilia. The catalog will be disseminated through the channels of the publishing house and the Festivals, becoming the first chapter of the Sistema Festival’s work on the national territory.

end of September 2021 - The Festival of Ethical Photography, Lodi

The education program will be created out of the exhibition experience and will be further developed during The Festival of Ethical Photography where the creation of a digital kit with lesson plans will be put together as an interdisciplinary key that Italian teachers can use with mediation from the teaching staff of the Festivals. The kit will strengthen the educational offer of the Festivals by involving students with innovative methodologies and approaches in order to develop key skills for lifelong learning. The material can also be used for the design of Pathways for Transversal Skills and for Orientation. A specific version of the overall project will also be exhibited and the complete in-depth video will be shown.

mid-October 2021 - Photolux, Lucca

At the end of the itinerary, a final round table will be held during the Photolux Festival in Lucca in November. The 5 artistic directors of the proposing Festivals will take part in the discussion, together with members of the jury and representatives of the international institutions and their corresponding events. The objectives will be to analyze the path taken and the results achieved through the current year’s project and to lay the foundation for the next year’s work.