Sistema Festival Fotografia talks about contemporary society

Sistema Festival Fotografia promotes the RESET open call, launched as part of the 2020 competition notice Strategia Fotografia of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity (DGCC) of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism (MiBACT).

Sistema Festival Fotografia is a network created in 2017 through the will of five Italian photography festivals – Fotografia Europea, Cortona On The Move, SI FEST, The Festival of Ethical Photography and Photolux Festival – as a platform for exchange and a meeting place to compare, plan, and identify common paths, all the while safeguarding the uniqueness of each entity.

The call is geared towards photographers and researchers/curators who are Italian or who have residence in Italy. It seeks out visual and textual contributions that explores the theme of the call in a creative and original way.

In its great morphological, economic and cultural complexity, Italy is undergoing great changes. Exploitation of the territory, urbanization, depopulation, gentrification, sustainability and new models of economic development are very complex phenomena already subject to study and analysis.
On the one hand, the pandemic has accelerated these macro trends, on the other it has introduced new needs and brought out critical issues that are still difficult to identify precisely, a liquid and complex society requiring extensive study and in-depth analysis.
RESET’s object of study is new regeneration, both urban and human. New forms of communities aggregations, incisive changes brought about by new technologies, and concepts of advanced mobility are just some of the examples that are redefining the very concept of territory and relationships between citizens.
RESET is the first chapter of a necessary and complex project that analyzes contemporary Italy through a device -the photographic language- capable of triggering new thoughts through which to reread the landscape, territory and society of our country.


Photographers/collectives and researchers/curators born or currently residing in Italy can participate in the call.
The project presented must explore the proposed theme in a creative and original way.
Applications must be completed in both Italian and English and consist of:
> title and abstract of the project (max 2,000 characters)
> free form artistic curriculum (max 1,500 characters)
> selection of images (min 10 – max 20; .jpg format, 72 dpi, long side max 1280px) complete with any captions


All researchers/curators born or currently residing in Italy can participate. Especially welcome are proposals of an interdisciplinary nature that show the role of photography as a privileged tool with which to analyze and investigate the changes affecting society and the landscape.
Applications must be completed in both Italian and English and consist of:
> title and abstract of the text/essay (max 2,000 characters)
> curriculum vitae in free form (max 1,500 characters)
The complete text (max 15,000 characters) in Italian and English in pdf format must be attached together.

Participation in the competition is free.
All material must be received by 11.59 am on June 9, 2021, exclusively in digital format, at this link (platform link)



  • The selected projects (3 photographic works + 1 paper) will each receive a cash prize of € 3,000.*
  • The value of the Prize will be paid to the winners at the end of the entire project, in December 2021.
  • The projects will be promoted and appreciated through the following actions in Italy and abroad.
    1. exhibition in a group show included in the official program of the 30th edition of SI FEST 2021 in Savignano sul Rubicone;
    2. publication in the catalogue launched on the occasion of the exhibition;
    3. displayed in an exhibition included in the official program of The Festival of Ethical Photography 2021 in Lodi;
    4. presentation of the works in the closing conference of the project on the occasion of the Photolux Festival 2021 in Lucca.
    5. preview presentation of the winners in an international context.
    6. the selected authors also have free access to a high-level training event organized by Cortona On The Move 2021, with the aim of promoting job opportunities and the matching of supply and demand.

*The prizes paid are to be considered pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a, Presidential Decree 430/2001. The award recipients are responsible for including the overall amounts obtained for this purpose in their tax returns.

The artist/curator, accepting the aforementioned fee, undertakes to:

  • guarantee the authorship of the works and their originality;
  • declare that the works are the fruit of their own ingenuity and that they have all the faculties necessary to enter into this agreement;
  • guarantee the peaceful transfer of the assigned rights and ensure that the exhibition of the works will not violate, either in whole or in part, the rights of third parties;
  • provide the images for the exhibition and catalogue in high resolution;
  • create the exhibition presented and selected through the RESET open call of the Sistema Festival Fotografia. The selected winner will work in close contact with SI FEST staff for the realization of the final installation;
  • provide the materials for the eventual publication of the catalogue by the date established by the organizational secretariat;
  • provide, by the date established by the organizing secretariat, a selection of images complete with caption, copyright and any courtesy, released for the press, the website and any communication/promotion support of the RESET project. Sistema Festival Fotografia talks about contemporary society;
  • be present on the occasion of the promotional activities envisaged by the project: the training activities in Cortona (July 2021), the inauguration of the exhibition in Savignano (September 2021), the activities planned in Lodi (October 2021) and the final conference scheduled in Lucca (November 2021).

The organization undertakes to recognize and take charge of:

  • production of the exhibition: printing or transport and insurance of the works (within the limits established by the organization)
  • making available adequate exhibition space for the opening of the show (2021 edition of SI FEST: 10 – 26 September 2021);
  • arrange for the preparation of the exhibition, agreed on by the artist with the curator and staff of SI FEST;
  • arrange for the staging of the exhibition, agreed on by the artist with the curator and staff of The Festival of Ethical Photography;
  • provide for the dismantling of the exhibition;
  • provide for the costs of securing the installation;
  • create an internal communication of the exhibition;
  • promote the exhibition through its own communication channels;
  • assume responsibility for hospitality expenses (travel + accommodation, within the limits established by the organization) of the four winners for participation in the activities related to the project, except the costs related to the international event: the training activities in Cortona, the inauguration of the exhibition in Savignano, the activities planned in Lodi and the final conference in Lucca.

The projects received will be selected by a commission composed of:

Matteo Balduzzi, curator of MUFOCO, Cinisello Balsamo (MI)
Denis Curti, artistic director SI FEST (Savignano sul Rubicone, FC)
Francesca Fabiani, director of the ICCD Department of Contemporary Photography, Rome
Elisa Medde, Managing Editor Foam Magazine
Alberto Prina, director of The Festival of Ethical Photography (Lodi)
Aaron Schuman, independent photographer, writer and curator


Information on the processing of personal data and disclaimer for images

Pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679, in relation to the information requested, we inform you that these documents, containing the participant’s personal data, will be processed exclusively for the purposes related to carrying out the registration of the Open call. Providing this data is mandatory and failure to do so may result in cancellations or delays in defining the procedures that concern you.

By participating in the RESET Open Call, all photographers grant legal rights to publish online and on social media, as decided by the Festival System, for promotional purposes of the open call and future related activities.

If the participant is the winner of the RESET Open Call of the Sistema Festival Fotografia, the participant thereby temporarily grants the rights of images sent during registration for the following purposes to the Palazzo Magnani Foundation:
• Use for all press communications
• Use for the website of Sistema Festival Fotografia and the websites of the festivals that are part of it
• Use which supports any communication/promotion of the project RESET. Sistema Festival Fotografia talks about contemporary society. ”

Sistema Festival Fotografia also reserves three years for circulation


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