Fotografia Etica Lodi

The Festival of Ethical Photography was born in 2010 from the idea of Gruppo Fotografico Progetto Immagine with the intention of focusing on ethical content of great relevance. Thanks to a rich program of exhibits by international and award-winning photojournalists, there are meetings, workshops, portfolio reviews, video-projections, book presentations, educational programs for students, guided tours and numerous other events that investigate the relationship between ethics, communication and photography.

In 2011 the Festival started the World. Report Award|Documenting Humanity. This award aims at a new form of social commitment through photography. The WRA is intended to sustain photographers to make their voices heard and amplify their actions

Other than the annual event taking place every fall, the organization of the Festival works daily to make sure that the photographers’ work is seen through the Travelling Festival project, exhibits created in Lodi that travel to other locations in Italy and abroad.


September – October 2021


Lodi (LO)



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