Cortona On The Move

Cortona On The Move was born in 2011 from an idea of the Cultural Association ONTHEMOVE, whose aim is to disseminate and promote contemporary photography searching for new visions and original forms of visual communication.
The festival offers continuous interaction between industry experts and it fosters constant search for works that document the ongoing evolution of visual language – all of this in the exceptional setting of the Etruscan town of Cortona.
Cortona is a unique place to host a showcase of the best international visual narrative productions: the medieval history of the town intersects with the present and future of multimedia.
The festival, now at its eleventh edition, focuses on a broad spectrum of narrative tools. Starting with photography, understood as the basic grammar of visual language, it welcomes stories that include video, sound, text and other installations, as well as immersive elements.

Cortona On The Move aims at being a dynamic centre of contemporary visual narrative, for knowledge lovers and emotion hunters, by giving space to all the voices and visions that can open the mind, telling stories that can make a change and are food for thought. The main focus is on contemporary documentary narration, not to mention the valorisation of archives and the discovery of new talents through open calls.
During the festival, the town is transformed into a stage that welcomes experts in the field and a wide range of visitors with images and exhibitions narrating the contemporary.
The Cortona On The Move exhibitions are set up in the historical buildings in the centre of the town and in the Fortress of Girifalco, the fortified castle built by the House of Medici overlooking Cortona.


15 July/3 October 2021


Cortona (AR)


Luca Faenzi – +39 3388364299
Lucia Masserini – +39 3333513421


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